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Founded in 1968 and now in our new shop on Ermou 30 & Kornarou 1 street on the 1st floor, Big Shoes has since then been an active shop that manufactures, imports and specializes on big sizes.

Shoes and accessories exclusively in big sizes, for any man who needs sizes from 46 up to 53 and for any woman who needs sizes from 41 up to 46.

Shoes for every taste and style, for all age groups and in a wide variety of price ranges that we can ship internationally.

Our 30 years of experience, our constant renewal of materials and designs along with our ceaseless desire to satisfy our consumer’s needs, guarantees that you will find products of quality and comfort.

Due to our unique forms, designed with the utmost sensitivity for the particularities that, shoes in big sizes naturally have, we manage to provide style and elegance to our products.

Our company believes that we all have the right for the best. For that reason, our goal is manufacturing shoes of the highest quality and aesthetics.

We do not view our products as the solution that comes out of necessity, but as the only choice when it comes to quality and good aesthetics. Even if nowadays, we are a company which appeals to the minority, the future belongs to us! We are ecstatic to see the new generation growing up, growing tall and walking in Big Shoes steps.

You can buy shoes and accessories online and, on our store, as well! We have confidence in our excellent customer service and in our wide range of our stock’s variety. We are located in central Athens, on the 1st floor of 180 m2. You will discover shoes for men and women in excellent prices. Suited for any taste and style and last but not least for any time of the day. You can order our products from your home, from your office and even when you are on the move – it is easy and fast!


For the first time in Greece, we managed to have the biggest collection in boots, loafers, ballerinas, ankle boots, heeled sandals, wedges, pumps, sandals, slippers, sneakers, sport shoes, flip-flops, hiking boots and wellington boots. Flat or heeled shoes, in a variety of colours and designs, from which you can choose which ones suit your personal style.


We have been trading women’s and men’s shoes since 1968 and by 1980 we began selling shoes for men in big sizes. Due to high demands, the variety grew, and we took up to trading sizes form 42 up to 46 for women. Shoes with the BigShoes brand, are manufactured in Greece by our own various craftsmen and assiduousness. The rest of our collection is handpicked for their design and fashioning in addition to living up to our costumer’s expectations and ideals and is imported from all over the world.

We are always looking forward to making new series of extra wide shoes in big sizes.


In our store you will find the greatest variation of shoes and accessories in the best prices of the market along with offers and discounts.